Bankstown Great Wall

The project is initially started from a comprehensive urban research of Bankstown. The site is located at Bankstown CBD where is in between Centro Car Park and the railway. Owing to the current isolation induced by these two major urban infrastructures, the streetscape demonstrates less vitality. Therefore the intent is to activate a vivacious streetscape of Bankstown CBD and provide pedestrians vibrant travel experiences by means of urban events’ availability.

Specifically, the first effort is to improve the façade presence of existing buildings such as Centro Car Park and small retails along the street to create a continuous street spectacle. Another is to encourage civilians to be engaged in diverse public activities, such as swimming pool, cultural parade, car park cinema, café, gallery and club, by refurbishing the space between existing buildings and the main street which is up to 4m wide and 700m long. All the functional space in the wall is adaptively designed to this extreme dimension. With the creation of a living wall, the antagonistic relationship between the traffic and pedestrians could turn into harmonious symbiosis. People become initiative to choose their own routes and sequential visiting experience with an array of cultural events in the wall. And the great wall will serve as a new symbol of modern Bankstown.