Immortal Jellyfish

Team: Feng Xue & Pamela Maldonado

The Immortal Jellyfish is the project explores spatial variation of architecture through a bio-mimicry study of Immortal Jellyfish which has the capacity to revise its life cycle from adult to baby against the menace of environmental changes. Inspired by the unique mechanism of this marine animal, the project comes to probe an architectural typology that can provide a resilient inhabitation through responsive systems. The system enables architecture to be identified and converse with the environment to achieve symbiosis.

By employing a geometric method, the project is to analyse the relationship between geometric monomer and integration. Similar to the reorganisation and regeneration process of transdifferentiation in Immortal Jellyfish, the geometric variation of architecture enables its spatial property to adaptively transfer from one to another. Each stage of the variation represents unique structural and functional capacities. With the spatial flexibility and mobility, architecture can response to environmental emergency and varied human demands. Thus the 'Immortal Jellyfish' could be a sustainable architectural solution to achieve the resilience of the city and the flexibility of the urban space.