The Touch

This project is an installation concept of site specific art. The background is to develop a dreaming sequence of a land art on a selected site, Watsons bay in this case, where is well known for astonishing cliffs on the east coast of Sydney and its stunning ocean landscape. By observing the unique feature of the site, that is the contrast between the tangibility of cliffs and the intangibility of the ocean, in which violent collision happens, I was questioning that if there was a media to soften such contact and to create a dramatic visual illusion like a stroke from the ocean. The interface is made of specular metal which is facing the Pacific Ocean and supported by structure underneath. Like a "tentacle" of the ocean touching the rough stone of the shore, it provides waves with a tray to blow up the motion. At the same time, the mirror effect of the surface enables it to become less visible and instead fuse into the environment.