The Green Plug-in

Team: Pierre-Antoine Maitre & Feng Xue

'The Green Plug-in' is the multi-residential timber apartment which sits on the site over the railway cut of Waverton station. The concept of 'the green plug-in' relies on the idea of a green wall that can spread onto the site and on which residential, circulation and public communication elements can be “plugged-in”. This green wall, or hanging garden, is a continuity of the green environment of Waverton neighbourhood. The green plug-in concept allows the design of every block to be a proper response to its surroundings, in terms of sunlight exposure, ventilation and view. The aim of the green wall is to extend itself through the unoccupied land and by a matter of facts, to increase the density of the area, enhance the connections in its neighbourhood, and create a centre point for the community life of Waverton.

The use of the timber structure is a further step to achieve sustainability. In this project, a LVL post- beam combined structure system with the reinforcement of cross bracing has been used due to its large range of advantages for medium size buildings. The façade is protected by the corrugated metal panel in order to prolong the durability of the timber structure.